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Managing Director of

M/s. Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Private Limited

Golakh has been making his mark in the Jewelry industry since 2014. He is widely renowned as an expert in Strategic Management, Planning, Expansion and Compliance.


Managing Director


Director of

M/s. Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Private Limited

Manurara Begum is one of the pioneers in the jewelry industry, having worked with unparalleled dedication in this field since 2007. Her extensive expertise in this industry equips M/s. Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Private Limited with the competitive edge they need to maintain excellent quality and improve continually.



“ Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd is open towards establishing strategic alliances with entities to maximize business throughout... ”


The company was founded in 2008 as two separate brands, Prince Hallmarking and Nakoda Hallmarking, but has since merged into Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd. We have over 25 BIS-accredited assays hallmarking institutes scattered all over. India, each with its X.R.F testing facility.

We are committed to offering comprehensive services that ensure the purity and fineness of their silver and gold. Our outstanding professionals are currently working under the banner of the 'Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd.'

Our key selling point is our unwavering commitment and high quality.

  • To ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment, we try to provide unsurpassed quality.
  • We invented the Gold Jewelry Certification Card.
  • We are the only company among our competitors working to establish a separate NBL-accredited gold refining lab.
  • Italian Aqua Regia Refinery Processing is one of our refining procedures, which uses Aqua Process Machines and equipment.
  • We use only Alloy Ready Gold, which has a permanent colour and a brilliant sheen.

In addition, we are the only one-stop company that provides testing, refinery, exchange of old gold, assaying, hallmarking, laser soldering, and jewellery certification for gold and silver jewellery.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has acknowledged our hallmarking centres as meeting the requirements of LSI 15820-2009 for gold and silver testing facilities.


We are committed to being an effective Hallmarking service that focuses on customer satisfaction. We are growing every day, yet we are still profoundly founded in our core values, beliefs, and concepts. Our journey is a never-ending process of improvement; all we want to do is giving the clients an elite level of satisfaction by providing exceptionally high-quality services.

We started with a few centres and have since risen to cover a large region of the country. In simple terms, our mission is to be a value-driven hallmarking facility that prioritises customer satisfaction.


We aspire to be India’s leading Hallmarking Centre, and service providers, giving guaranteed purity services. With our previous years of experience, we hope to put all of our knowledge to good use in our business operations. We want Prince Hallmarking and Nakoda Hallmarking to be the best in the industry, providing top-notch services with guaranteed purity. We are continually incorporating new technology and innovations into our business, allowing us to improve our efficiency daily. We set daily goals to push ourselves to new heights every day, with the ultimate goal of being the ideal Hallmarking facility in the long run.

As per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) newly guidelines and new rules from January 15, 2021, hallmarking will be mandatory for gold jewellery and antiquities. All jewellers are required to issue their jewellery and antiques to be tested and hallmarked. We can assist you in getting a BSI-certified hallmark on your jewellery, whether you're a bit goldsmith or a large manufacturing company